Casino Betting Strategies

When it comes to live casino betting strategies, there is no other place that arms you with the best guides in the business than here at Touch Casino. There’s no question that online casino games are some of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in the gambling sphere and since its introduction, players have employed schemes, tricks and strategies to get an edge over the house. Come join us here and find all of the most popular live casino betting strategies, maximising your bank roll and how to get the most value out of your bet.

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Roulette Strategies

The Martingale Strategy - This is one of the most well-known and most implemented systems out there and can be applied to any betting solution. The premise is to double down on your last losing bet until you win. Logic dictates that you recover all of your previous losses with one large bet and profit from the amount of your first stake. The Reverse Martingale Strategy - This strategy is the reverse of the Martingale, where you aim to maximise your chances of winning by increasing your bets while on a winning streak. This strategy is best played with one of the even-money bets, red/black, odds/evens, high/low. Ideally, you aim to hit a sequence and follow it until you reach a predetermined figure. Labouchere Strategy - This strategy is one of the more complex systems out there, it’s also known as the Split Martingale, Cancellation System and American Progression. It involves increasing bets after losing. Labouchere attempts to recoup all losses but with multiple wins. Simply, the Labouchere system tracks your losses and then tries to shave off losses one by one.

Blackjack Strategies

Oscar’s System - This system is considered a fairly conservative approach to the game of blackjack which lets players play for a long time with limited risk to their bankroll. 

The strategy focuses on winning one betting unit at a time. Whenever winning a whole unit, you would restart the system and go back to betting your initial unit. 

Positive-Progression Strategy - This is the strategy for those who love to take risks. As the name suggests, this is a betting strategy that includes increasing bets when things are going well. After every winning hand, the plan is to wager all the newly won money and try to double it. This formula can be a goldmine when the cards are going in your favour, five or six successful hands can land you a small fortune.

Baccarat Strategies

Betting With The Banker - Betting with the banker is not only the safest strategy but is also the simplest. The theoretical house edge betting on the banker is 1.06%, by the same token, the return to player or payout percentage for baker bets is a staggering 98.94%. The return to player is of a bet on the bank hand of 98.94% suggests that it’s slightly better than a Player hand wager, which has an return to player of 98.76 percent.

Maximise Your Bankroll

Casino Bonuses - The first and obvious way to maximise your bankroll is to look for great welcome bonuses and Touch Casino has a 3 in 1 welcome bonus that will start your online casino journey off on the right foot.

Planning Is Imperative - All players need to plan on how to make sure that you do not risk your bankroll. Losing less than you earn is a good tactic. But a well-thought out, planned system of what you’re prepared to lose and what you’re prepared to walk away with if you win is very important.

Deposit and Wagering Limits - One way of protecting what youalready have is placing a deposit and wagering restrictions on youraccount. Meditate on the appropriate limits well before you startgambling online.


The most important strategy, however, is to ensure you only play with what you can afford and do not chase your losses.

We provide a safe and fun environment for you, but would recommend you read our responsible gambling guide. 

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